Sexists Think Women Are Bad At Math, But Do They Really Think We Don't Know 77 Is Less Than 100?

I know we’ve all seen the numbers on this one (77 cents!?), but it’s still an unbelievably important and unjust reality. We’ve made a ton of progress in the past few decades, so it’s pretty crazy that things still aren’t equal.

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When Told You Can't Do Something, Just Remember This Beautiful Clip

Lovely music, a simple yet powerful concept, and a surprise ending really make this clip magical and an inspiration for women all over the world. 

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An 11-Year-Old Girl With Much Bigger Problems Than 'Do You Wear Boxers, Briefs, Or Tighty Whities?'

Sometimes I wish there were a heaven, because I really think one of the questions from St. Peter should be: “What did you do to help change things that were wrong with the world?” And you can’t just say you didn’t have the time … not after watching a clip like this.

The look in her eyes at 1:45 just tears me to pieces. At 3:40, I want to forward this clip to Hanes corporate — with expletives. And can you imagine your kid being in her shoes at 6:50?

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While We Weren’t Looking, 1.3 Million People Just Got The Shaft. Happy New Year.

Even though the financial data show that for every $1 spent on unemployment, at least $1.50 is returned to the economy, Congress went ahead and let benefits expire for 1.3 million people who can’t find a job. And there’s more to come in the next 3 months. I’ll just leave that insanity right there…

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Women Everywhere Are Asked The Same Question; Their Answers Are More Alike Than You'd Think

Isn’t it interesting that with the same question and different answers, all these women arrived at a similar conclusion? Hint: Man and woman are not synonymous with somebody and nobody.

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This Is The Easiest Way To Explain Equal Pay For Women. And Maybe The Funniest.

I guess it’s good to have research studies and books and articles and campaigns that show why it’s important for women to get paid the same as men for the same job. It’s also crazy that we need so much proof. The argument is as simple as this ad makes it out to be.

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This Radio Show Host Makes Sense. Maternity Leave Is A Ridiculous Concept. Oh, Wait…

The video is a few years old, but nothing has changed. Maternity leave and the attitudes toward it in the U.S. are baffling. Almost every other developed country recognizes the importance of a new mom having time to recover from delivery, bond with her baby, breastfeed, and everything else that happens in the first several months following birth (or adoption). It’s time we get with the program and support working moms.

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A Pledge Of Allegiance Like You Have Never Seen Before

Can we have an honest conversation about this without it devolving into race hatred and name-calling? When I took a look at the original YouTube comments for this video, I started to think that’s an unattainable goal. However, the more voices we can add to the conversation, the better. Let’s start with hearing from some of the people who actually live it every day.

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Half Of Interns Are Victims Of This Illegal Act After College. It's Really Not OK.

In 2005, when I graduated from college, I moved to New York. While I was looking for a job, one opened up that I would have likely tripped my mother to get — but it was an unpaid internship. Being from humble beginnings, there’s no way I could live in a big city without being paid. And unless you actually don’t need a job, who actually can?

If you liked this cartoon (and who wouldn’t — unless you’ve hired interns and didn’t pay them, in which case BOO), you should Like its creator, Matt Bors, on Facebook. He’s super, ain’t he?

I would love it if you shared this so that people are aware of what millennials (like me) are facing these days.

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