Hey Broke People: This Statistic Will Piss You Off

In Roz-dreamland, there are fields of glorious, glittery, magical money for everyone struggling to hustle on minimum wage. It’s a bloody beautiful place.

But don’t just let this statistic piss you off. It’s a reminder that we have to keep fighting for economic fairness for those who deserve it.

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The Number 721 And What It Means To Restaurant CEOs

Restaurant CEOs now make 721 times as much as the minimum-wage workers who comprise most of their workforce. That’s up from 609 times as much in 2006. And this is the normal minimum wage — in restaurants where workers depend on tips to survive, the minimum is much less and has remained so for decades. So … do these CEOs deserve that much more?

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The #1 Most Hated Company In America Is About To Get Some More Grief

McD’s just announced a makeover for Ronald McDonald. But as some brand experts have stated, the move seems “desperate.” Perhaps it’s an attempt to deflect the attention it’s getting for things like you see in this short clip? Clue: It’s not working, Ronald!

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Do You Remember Why Labor Day Is Called Labor Day?

Enjoy your Labor Day BBQs and back-to-school shopping sales and just be glad you aren’t a child working 11-hour days, seven days a week in a New Jersey silk mill in 1835. That sounds miserable.

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My 'English Only!' Father-In-Law Is Going To Hate Me For Finding This One

All of the fluff that gets passed off as news about “those people” taking our jobs melts away like so much ice cream when you start to pass around stuff like this. Yummy!

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Here’s A Simple Idea That Will Make A Huge Difference In The Lives Of Millions. Will Anybody Listen?

Something very basic needs to change before we can start to see real improvements to our economy. It’s a no-brainer, it’s long overdue, and it will bring millions of people out of poverty.

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What Happens When A Really Powerful Idea Takes Off: Some Companies Are Getting Nervous…

As momentum grows and people begin to realize the raw deal they’re getting every day they head off to work, I see the beginnings of a movement that is likely to grow much bigger. Here’s how far the fast food strikes have spread in less than one year. Word.

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Why That New Shirt From Gap Is Unbelievably Priceless

There have been several incidents just this year of factory fires and building collapses in countries where almost all clothing is made for companies like Gap and Walmart. The big secret? These companies don’t want to sign an agreement — one that has already been signed by many other companies like them — to establish basics on fire and safety standards.

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Psst … Wanna Buy Some Stuff Right From The People Who Make It?

You can’t “buy local” for some things — rice, coffee, and more — so here’s a great alternative that ships nonperishable goods to you every three months. These ethically sourced items help sustain jobs in the countries where they’re produced. And we get to avoid big-box stores that generally don’t pay attention to such details. Win-win-win, right?

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When The Boss Said, 'Dance For Your Day Off,' He Didn't Expect To Be Handed His Lunch

This is an amazingly fun and clever video that underscores the idea that if we work together, we can get what we need on the job. Oh, and pasty old white men shouldn’t be dancing in these kinds of clothes. Ever.

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