At A Time When Unemployment Is Still Insanely High, Why Are We Allowing This To Happen?

This clip is from a little while back, but the recent announcement that reconstruction of the Verrazano Bridge in New York is also going to be outsourced to China has brought the conversation front and center for Americans who need good jobs.

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Why Your Boss Should Really Be Making You Happy Right Now

There’s a chain reaction when workers aren’t happy on the job. Absenteeism and employees taking lots of sick days are obvious symptoms. Another, not-so-obvious one, “presenteeism,” means folks are on the job but not functioning very well due to stress, burnout, and more.

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Nearly 1/3 Of All Campaign Dollars in 2013 Came From A Tiny Group Of People. Care To Guess Who?

Whoa. 1% of the top 1% of donors gave money to every single senator and member of Congress elected in 2012. Perhaps we need to look further into this before November?

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The Truth: Some Very Smart Businesspeople Want To Raise The Minimum Wage

With the recent news of $15/hour wages in the city of Seattle and minimum wage going up in many other cities, it’s a bit like dominoes … but they’re people, and those people are changing the world.

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I Thought America Valued Freedom Of Assembly. So… What's Happening Here?

When it comes to speaking out against unfairness and unemployment, and standing up for voters and women’s rights, this awesomely diverse crowd knows exactly what it’s doing. I could feel their sense of solidarity throughout the video, and when you get to 4.08 in, you’ll see that they’re clearly making an impact. That, my friends, is what we refer to as “rad.”

If you live in North Carolina and you want to join a Moral Monday protest, there’s one happening at 5 p.m. July 1, 2013, at Halifax Mall. The theme for their next protest is “jobs and voting rights”, which is kinda a big deal right now in case you missed it. Halifax Mall is on the northern side of the General Assembly Legislative Building – go along, make your voice heard. 

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They're College Grads. They're Doing Real Work. But They Can't Even Make Minimum Wage?

Seems like more and more interns are being paid with promises. But guess what? You can’t pay rent with promises (and it actually might be illegal for companies to do that).

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The Reality That Homeless Children Live — Told By Mark, 10 Years Old

Homelessness exists in corners of every city, but rarely do we hear the voices of those who struggle to survive — and we hear even less from the children. Mark’s story is a powerful glimpse of reality, and it’s heartbreaking to hear.

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That Awkward Sound? A Panel Of Experts Trying To Defend Walmart From Questions Asked By One Senator.

Here’s a radical idea: How about a huge corporation whose owners have more money than God (actually, more money than 40% of the American people) pays its people a living wage with medical benefits? I know, I know, just dreaming over here. But John Lennon once wrote, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

Watch this senator keep the first “expert” from changing the subject not once, not twice, but three times. Charming, no?

Oh, and the “Secretary Reich” who comes in at 4:50? More great stuff from him below the clip.

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This Guy Tries, For One Day, To Do The Work That Some Do Every Day. Watch What Happens…

One of the reasons immigrants are still harvesting our food for sub-minimum wage? Because we like cheap food. Americans spend only 6% of their income on food — less than any other country (most Europeans spend more than 10%).

I mean, it’s only food — why spend more money on it when there are TVs and iPhones to be had?

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The Surprising Story Of How One Of The Most Famous Women In Our Culture Came To Be

Rosie the Riveter is an icon, but did you know where she came from?

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