When Trying To Make A Living Turned Into A Nightmare, This Woman Changed It Back Into A Dream

Meet LaTonya. She turned what for many would have been the end of the line into something positive and inspiring. 

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Think Racism Isn’t An Issue Anymore? Oh, Have I Got An Infographic For You.

In 1963, the marchers on Washington demanded jobs and freedom. Fifty years later, do they have them?

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I Once Had A Boss That Told Us, 'If You Get Fired, You're Firing Yourself'

My response? “Can I give myself a raise, then?” Something tells me that particular boss was about as clueless as the main guy in this clip from Australia.

Notes for non-Aussies:
At 0:55, “superannuation” means retirement funds, 401(k), etc. At 1:22, the “award system” is basically the same as our Fair Labor Standards Act, setting minimum wage, max hours worked per week, etc.

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Guess What, Ronald? The Folks Who Work For You Have Had Enough.

McDonald’s recently saw workers walking out and going on strike at hundreds of locations around the world. Here are some images and clips from those events; prepare to be inspired.

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Sexists Think Women Are Bad At Math, But Do They Really Think We Don't Know 77 Is Less Than 100?

I know we’ve all seen the numbers on this one (77 cents!?), but it’s still an unbelievably important and unjust reality. We’ve made a ton of progress in the past few decades, so it’s pretty crazy that things still aren’t equal.

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When Told You Can't Do Something, Just Remember This Beautiful Clip

Lovely music, a simple yet powerful concept, and a surprise ending really make this clip magical and an inspiration for women all over the world. 

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