Subaru Impreza Digs Itself Out Of Mud Pit

Subaru Impreza Digs Itself Out Of Mud Pit

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI is famous in the car world for its agility and speed. One of its greatest attributes is its famous AWD system that can apparently get it out of any sticky situation. Just watch as this WRX STI literally digs itself out of a sticky, nasty mud pit in Longview, Washington. No problem.  


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Subaru WRX Crashes Head On Into House, Driver Walks Away

Targa Newfoundland is a long road rally race held over seven days in Canada. In this video from a past Targa event, a Subaru WRX STi locked up while taking a turn, and slammed head on into a home.

Incredibly, the passenger immediately disembarked from his ride, and when questioned by the cameraman if he was ok, simply chirped, “Ya, we’re good.”

Thankfully, the “safety equipment did its job.”

Though the video video published over a year ago by, it has just experienced a second surge of viral viewership over the weekend.


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Louisiana Sink Hole In Assumption Parish Swallows Trees

Assumptionla caught an act of nature of epic proportions yesterday in Assumption Parish near Bayou Corne, Louisiana. Suddenly, a sink hole began to literally swallow up the trees! 

The video has already garnered over 450,000 hits, and is covered on HuffPost, Telegraph, and DailyMail


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Robot Hamster Trolls Russian Policeman

A new robot toy hamster is trending is Russia that repeats back whatever you say in a high-pitched hamster voice while bobbing up and down. This Russian driver was playing with his hamster when he was pulled over for a routine check.

But when the cop started asking him questions, the hamster simply repeated him. The driver couldn’t help but laugh. 

Finally, the policeman says, “Who is talking? Is it the hamster? Okay, everything looks fine, next time, no talking animals.”


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KONY 2012 Response Animation

NSFW – language

By now, the KONY 2012 viral surge has subsided. Internet ‘activists’ shared the video with their moms, dads, and grandparents helping the video reach over 85 million views.

But even though the campaign has been a huge success, critics claim the charity  that made the film really was just reaping the benefits of the donations. Also, that there are countless worse and more horrible militant leaders in the world to worry about. 

Crazy animation channel  published this video in response to the KONY 2012 campaign on Friday, and now it already stands with more than 650,000 views. They really tear apart all the ‘activists’ who thought they were making a difference. 


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Taking Video Of People Who Are Smiling For A Picture

The famous creator of Marcel The Shell, aka Dean Fleischer-Camp, has returned to YouTube from their long term hiatus. But they haven’t published another adorable Shell video in the series.

No, this video, appropriately titled Smile, is a very awkward compilation of people smiling and waiting for their picture to be taken, only for the photographer to be recording video. As authors of the super viral and popular Marcel The Shell videos, this too has instantly gone viral. 


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Celebrities Starring In Foreign Commercials Compilation

Celebrity Starring In Foreign Commercials

Hollywood obsessed Screen Junkies went viral back in January with their video covering Celebrities In Commercials Before They Were Famous.

Now, Hal Rudnick has returned to review a slew of famous faces who starred in ridiculous foreign commercials from the past.


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DARPA WildCat Robot Runs Fast Like A Cheetah

DARPA WildCat Robot Runs Fast Like A Cheetah

Boston Dynamics and DARPA collaborate to create state-of-the-art robots that may have utility in the military, such as for search and rescue missions. 

They are famous online for their impressive Big Dog and humanoid ‘bots. 

Now, they have just introduced their latest ‘animal’ in the robotic pack: the WildCat

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