This Bully Picked On The Wrong Kid In Class

We came across this today, this message has been left in a bully’s locker at school. We’d love to have seen the bully’s face when he read this.


This note brought back memories of Alex Hopkins. He was the subject of the documentary “Bully” and helped spark a movement. See the awful place where he started, then see the heartwarming places he’s going.

First there was the bad…


And then there was the good. Alex became a freestyle rapper in his spare time. 


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Family Cremate Grandad, He Shows Up Two Months Later After Going On A Huge Bender

The loss of a grandparent is a very hard time for any family member. But imagine cremating your Grandad and him walking back in the house two months later…

That would be a serious mind fuck.

But that’s what happened to the De Luna family in Mexico after their Grandad, Miguel Angel Gomar, escaped the nursing home where he lived. After a search for the 74-year-old drew blanks, the family were shocked to hear that the police had found a decomposed body that matched that of Miquel’s.

Despite being unable to identify the corpse, the family accepted that it was Miquel’s, cremated the body and mourned for his loss. But in actual fact, their Grandad was alive and well. Well, kind of. He had broken out of the nursing home and convinced someone to give him alcohol, spending the next two months on the streets, drinking with local homeless people.

He then walked into the family home, still drunk, with bandages wrapped around his head. In the video, the poor guy, who seems pretty confused explained:

“They thought I was dead, but I just walk and walk.”

The family are now facing a battle with the courts to get Miquel – who is officially registered as dead – to be recognised as being alive again.

What a pickle to be in.

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Guy Tries To Flirt With McDonald’s Co-Worker Over Messenger – Backfires Hilariously

Workplace relations are never really a good idea. Sure it may seem cool at first but what if something goes wrong? Then you’re stuck there working with someone you don’t like and who has seen you naked. Nightmare.

That’s why this guy should have thought twice about messaging a girl he worked with in McDonald’s…

Mind you, he should have also thought twice about checking if it was really her…

“How do you know so much about mcdonalds?” It’s not really like McDoanld’s is one of those weird indie places that only the workers understand, is it?

Even so, he took it like a champ and you have to sort of feel for him – seems like a nice guy.

It could have gone a lot worse. Good thing he’s “a gentleman”.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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helloU’s Ten Daily

These are the ten pictures trending online today.

#1. WingManLAD


#2. Seems fair…


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A Sainsbury’s Employee May Soon Be Fired For Sneaking Surprises Into Cookies

A disgruntled employee at a Sainsbury’s store in Mornington Crescent, London, has left a lasting impression after leaving little surprises in packets of ‘Taste The Difference Cookie.”

The anonymous employee, who is now believed to have worked his last shift, slipped haikus into each cookie packet. The Japanese poems sent the message of unhappy the employee was, and they deserve top marks for creativity.

Here are the best of the poems that we could find on the net.






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Did The Game Of Thrones Pilot Predict Which Starks Would Die?

Warning: if you haven’t seen The Battle of the Bastards, then turn back now.

In the Game of Thrones pilot, King Robert Baratheon arrived at Winterfell to ask his old friend Ned Stark if he’d be the new Hand of the King.

Ned eventually agreed, and went with Robert down south to King’s Landing, taking his two daughters (Arya and Sansa) with him.

This effectively set into motion a chain of events that saw most of the Starks die. Ned was executed by Joffrey. Robb and Catelyn were killed at the Red Wedding (while trying to overthrow Joffrey). And Rickon – the youngest – recently became collateral damage in the Battle of the Bastards.

Left alive are Arya and Sansa (and Bran), as well as their bastard brother Jon Snow.

Now, one Reddit user has pointed out that these deaths were actually foreshadowed in the pilot episode, during the scene which saw Robert greet the Starks.

Robert’s Curse is finally complete.

While Robert spoke to each member of the family, he only touched four of them. Ned. Catelyn. Robb, and Rickon.

While some people are posturing that Robert “cursed” the Starks, it’s more likely that this was just an incredible piece of foreshadowing on the part of the producers.

Or, could it just be a coincidence? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Gogglebox Star Scarlett Moffatt Went On First Dates And Stole The Show

Scarlett Moffat is a popular lady, personally I love how genuine she is, that and the hilarious stuff she comes out with every now and again.The Gogglebox star swapped her seat on the sofa for an appearance on Celebrity First Dates this week, and she was a massive hit with viewers.

One of the highlights was when she told her date, Tommy, about how she landed a place on Gogglebox. “We had to talk about these pictures of celebrities. For a good ten minutes I was talking about Uncle Ben. You know, the rice man. But it was actually a picture of Nelson Mandela !”


She even got up to have a little dance withFred Sirieux.

Twitter users were loving Scarlett.

Ultimately Scarlett didn’t want to pursue things with Tommy any further. The goods news is that she found love a week or so after filming her date. The man in question was watching her appearance on First Dates with her, awkward.

Here he is…

Happy days…

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Steven Avery’s New Lawyer Has Started Tweeting Evidence Of His Innocence

All our Januarieshave passed that little bit faster, thanks to Netflix’s latest series, Making A Murderer.

But despite the worldwide true crime “whodunnit” debate, both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are still being held accountable for the brutal murder of Teresa Halbach… without appeal.

If you’re as intrigued by the case as we are, @ZellnerLaw looks like it’s definitely the account to be following.

We can’t help but feel sorry for the Halbach family who are still living through what must seem like a horrible nightmare.

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Like Kittens? Your Dream Job Has Just Arrived


You no longer need to spend your time at work discreetly browsing cat pictures whilst pretending to work!  A cat rehoming centre in Newcastle has asked for volunteer kitten cuddlers. 

Thinking this must be the dream? There is one slight drawback…

Many of the cats in the Westgate Ark centre are feral or semi-feral.

If you can survive cuddling the ferocious, gnarling balls of fluff and claws then this could be workplace utopia. The aim  is to help the animals get used to human beings – known as ‘socialisation’.

Paul Black, 55, of the Westgate Ark Centre, said, ‘We rescue a lot of pregnant cats and semi-feral kittens and they all need handling so that they’re nice and used to people, which makes them much more suitable for homes.’

We must all have a friend or ten who would love this job, share this and make a dream come true.


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Cara Delevigne Has A Special Nipple-Finding Talent

We’ve all been asked at some point in our lives what our superpower would be, if we had one. Maybe at a particularly unoriginal job interview, or bad first date, but we’ve all had to think about it at some point.

The most common answers are invisibility and time travel. Mine would probably just be the ability to be extremely wealthy.

Cara Delevigne already actually has that super power down, but it seems she has another up her sleeve; Nipple Detection.

Apparently, being able to guess where a nipple is going to be is a thrilling prospectthese days. I have a clue for anyone struggling with this particular one, they’re typically in boob area.

During an interview about upcoming film Suicide Squadshe demonstrates her magnificent and life changing super power on co-star Margot Robbie. And she misses. She misses the nipple.

Well, there we go. Delevigne kind of has the weird ‘new’ super power of detecting nipples. Even though most people typically have two and the generally seem to appear in the same spot most of the time.

I’d like to see her detect someone’s undisclosed third nipple… weshould introduce her to Chandler. #CaraVsNubbin.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments

Lead image: YOUTUBE/Kristien Morato

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